Time : 2019-03-16


At the construction site of 3.5 million tons/year diesel hydrocracking unit of zhejiang petrochemical company, the second reactor of diesel hydrogenation reactor 1135-r-0102, the first reactor 1135-r-0101 were lifted successfully at 10:08 on May 19 and 14:08 on May 21.

The two reactors are the core equipment of the 3.5 million ton/year diesel hydrocracking unit. The manufacturing unit is China no.1. The 1135-r-0102 reactor has a diameter of 5.6 meters, a height of 26.2 meters, and a lifting weight of 698 tons. The 1135-r-0101 reactor has a diameter of 5.6 meters, a height of 24.2 meters, and a lifting weight of 588 tons. The two reactors adopted the air rotation method, using the hoisting scheme of the main crane of 1250 tons of crawler crane and the slipping tail of 400 tons of crawler crane made in China. The single reactor only took 90 minutes to complete the hoisting operation.

The hoisting, under the organization of diesel oil hydrogenation project department, supervision unit of fushun credit supervision, large lifting unit of sinopec nanjing engineering company, civil, installation unit of shipment company unit of zhejiang ErJian three branch, close cooperation, from the arrival of the equipment of field site reserved, crane walking routes, the stance of the planning, preparation, the implementation of the emergency plan, to accessories, equipment comes into play after acceptance, the scene is put, hoisting command, etc. All the work smoothly, fully embodies the units excellent management and technical skills.

The successful hoisting of the two reactors marked the successful start of the equipment installation of diesel hydrogenation project department of zhejiang petrochemical refinery aromatics business department, which laid a solid foundation for the subsequent on-site construction of the project.

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