Time : 2019-03-16


At 19:18 on April 22, the pressure relief tower of no. 2 10 million tons/year atmospheric and vacuum unit in aromatics refining business unit of zhejiang petrochemical company was lifted successfully.

The pressure relief tower of no.2 unit is 58.06 meters high with lifting weight of 790 tons. It was designed by luoyang engineering co., ltd. of sinopec and built by zhongchuan shenghui equipment co., LTD. Since March 11, after the island, atmospheric and vacuum project department and sinopec tenth construction materials co., LTD., in the side under the condition of construction, constantly adjust the construction process, to overcome the difficulties such as water and electricity, weather, ensure the quality to work overtime, completed a series of "putting on his hat and coat" (attached tower line setup, labor protection and equipment insulation construction).

At 17:00 on April 22, the scaffolding was removed and hoisting officially started. This hoisting was carried out by sinopec heavy lifting co., LTD. The hoisting scheme of single host hoisting and slipping tail delivery was adopted. Two crawler cranes (the main crane was 2000 tons, while the slipping tail was 650 tons) were used by XCMG group. It took 2 hours to lift the decompression tower to a height of 22.05 meters.

The decompression tower is designed according to the shape of thin ends and thick middle. It is the last tower of the "two furnaces and three towers". The successful lifting of the pressure relief tower of unit 2 indicates that the key equipment of the whole process of unit 2 of zhejiang petrochemical has been put in place, laying a solid foundation for the smooth start of the project.