Time : 2019-03-16


At 21:28 on June 6, with the successful installation of the last bolt in place, the lifting work of the first section of steel structure truss in the control room of zhejiang petrochemical center was successfully completed.

Center control room is located in zhejiang petrochemical 40 million tons/year, the center of the oil refinery project, 159.1 meters long, 75 meters wide, building height 15.6 meters, a total construction area of 19832 square meters, is a two layers of reinforced concrete structure of antiknock building, is the project process control, production scheduling, emergency command center, its importance is self-evident.

The steel structure truss of the central control room is manufactured by hubei hongdi heavy industry technology co., LTD., assembled by sinopec no. 10 construction engineering co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as sinopec no. 10 construction), and hoisted by sinopec heavy lifting and transportation engineering co., LTD. In order to prevent the lifting deformation, speed up the construction of this assembly adopts the modular assembly, in the form of central control room to steel structure truss is divided into six modules, maximum weight of truss after assembly (module 1) around 95 tons, completed the first crane truss for module 2 of six modules, truss specification 31.5 x 8 meters, weighing about 60 tons, installation height of 10 meters. Since the hoisting radius is up to 51 meters and the outer wall of the building with a height of 16.5 meters needs to be crossed, it is decided to use 450 tons crawler crane (250 tons of excess balance weight) for hoisting.

At 19:38 on June 6, the second module was officially lifted. At 21:28, all the 4 oxlegs and 16 bolts of the 14-15 axis were installed in place, and the lifting work was successfully completed. The site staff could not restrain their excitement and spontaneously clapped their hands.

The center control room first Duan Gang structure truss hoisting working time and heavy task, requirement of high precision, the success of it is not only for seal laid a solid foundation for the structure of the central control room, inspired the builders working enthusiasm, also for the follow-up of other buildings can be drawn lessons from for the steel structure truss hoisting working model.