Time : 2019-03-16


On August 23, standing committee of zhejiang provincial committee, executive vice governor feng fei and zhoushan party secretary yu donglai and executive vice mayor xu zhangyan visited yushan to investigate the zhejiang petrochemical project. Vice President of the company, executive vice commander zhang jianguo, vice President Lin qingfu, guo and wide accompanied by research.

On the afternoon of the same day, governor feng and his party visited the zhejiang petrochemical plant to have an in-depth understanding of the construction progress, quality and safety management of the project. Afterwards, they went to the ethylene plant to check the safety production and visited the builders who were fighting in the front line.

After careful to giving a general introduction to listen to a report, Mr. Feng pointed out that zhejiang petrochemical project is the national strategic projects, to strengthen production safety consciousness, safety first, quality of consciousness, and to be on the premise of ensuring security to speed up the construction progress and construction quality safety system construction to improving inputs, safety management problem to early intervention.

Governor feng and his party also went to the viewing platform to understand the long-term planning of the project.