Time : 2019-03-16


As a project initiated and promoted by premier li keqiang in 2014, since its establishment in 2015, zhejiang petrochemical company has been demanding itself by the standards of high standard positioning, high quality construction, high level management and international leading technology.

We yugong move mountains, we work hard, we create new world, because we always keep a thought in our heart -- hope that one day, premier li keqiang can personally land on the island, see the island he once placed expectations, has now become the largest domestic private enterprise investment project construction site.

Now that day has come!

On September 27, after the provincial leaders reported the construction progress of zhejiang petrochemical integration project with an annual output of 40 million tons, premier li keqiang, who was on an inspection tour in zhejiang province, immediately decided to change the established route and visit the island.

In the yushan island viewing platform, the whole zhejiang petrochemical project construction site panoramic view. Li Shuirong, chairman of the then prime minister li keqiang respectively concern project layout, project processes, project products, etc, to make answer, and told the prime minister: zhejiang petrochemical projects since its launch in June 2015, adhere to the "first-class international, green environmental protection" concept, using the world's most advanced technology and technical equipment, the future is going to focus on developing and modern manufacturing industry, new energy, life sciences and other emerging industries supporting the new field of petrochemical, will form a world-class large-scale, integrated, modern petrochemical industry base.

'your projects are privately run and paid out of your own pocket,' Mr. Li demanded. 'you have made a huge contribution to ensuring steady investment.' We must be green, safe and international. We must adhere to first-class environmental standards to ensure safety and quality.

Looking forward, looking forward, people lined up in front of the ethylene plant, waiting for the prime minister.

"Here comes the prime minister! The crowd, I do not know who is a cry, the moment will be everyone's enthusiasm lit, bursts of applause accompanied by neat and uniform "prime minister!" Yushan island this hot land, today more lively.

"National Day is coming, first of all I wish you a happy National Day! Premier li keqiang cordially shook hands with all the staff present and sent his best wishes to them. "I also wish you the completion of this project on schedule, and I also wish you the safety, physical and mental health during the construction of the project!"

"Safety is above everything, and life is the most precious," li said after taking a group photo with the audience. You are creating a happy life for the people, and the foundation of this happy life is life.

The time together always seems to be particularly short, watching premier li keqiang and waving goodbye to everyone, people believe that - the premier really came today!

Dear premier, yushan island has a forest of tall towers, busy crane, the same blue work clothes, if you do not know who I am, what is called, please remember we have a common name -- zhejiang petrochemical people.

Zhejiang petrochemical co., ltd. was established in June 2015. It is a mixed ownership enterprise controlled by private enterprises and owned by state-owned enterprises. It is a landmark mixed ownership project for private capital to enter the petrochemical industry. Company thoroughly implement the party's 19 big spirit, guided by the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in new era, adhere to the "first-class international, green environmental protection" concept, using the world's most advanced technology and technical equipment, adhere to the integration of industrial chain design, utilities integration, integration of logistics transportation, environmental protection integration, information integration and management service integration of six "integration" concept, to achieve a high starting point, high yield, low material consumptions and low pollution of goals and objectives.