Time : 2019-03-16


This private enterprise is' specially 'invited by me. This is how premier li keqiang "introduced" zhejiang rongsheng holding group co LTD at a meeting of experts and entrepreneurs on the economic situation on nov 8.

More than a month ago, li keqiang made a special trip to zhoushan green petrochemical base, a major investment of rongsheng group, during his visit to zhejiang province. A month later, li shuirong, the head of the private company, was invited to zhongnanhai to attend a symposium of economic experts and entrepreneurs hosted by premier li keqiang.

Li shuirong, zhoushan green petrochemical base project plans to invest 200 billion yuan, is the world's largest single industry refining projects.

"What is valuable is that this project is the first petrochemical project controlled by private capital. They did not use the state's money, and it is the largest project invested by private enterprises in China so far, which has contributed to the stability of investment." Li said.

On hearing li shuirong's remarks that the petrochemical project scheduled to be put into operation by the end of this year still had some unresolved problems, the premier said, "this project is not only a major project to cope with the downward pressure on the economy, but also a demonstration of stabilizing investment. Relevant departments must bear in mind the overall interests of the country, step up coordination and provide support.


In 2014, the state council issued the guidance on encouraging social investment in innovative investment and financing mechanisms in key areas, which clearly proposed that "petrochemical base refining and petrochemical integration projects determined by the state plan should be open to social capital", opening the door to the whole society for the once monopolized industries.

Zhejiang zhoushan green petrochemical base project is in this context came into being. Li keqiang said on November 8th symposia, this project not only release the strong signal to the market, further stimulating private investment in energy, more every double have important significance to the national economy: on the one hand, after the completion of the project will promote greatly reduce the price of related domestic petrochemical industry, provide a broader space for the middle and lower reaches of small and medium-sized enterprise development; On the other hand, petrochemical industry is the source of textile industry and an important support for garment industry and other Chinese manufacturers. The green petrochemical base in zhoushan, adjacent to zhoushan port, can radiate the Yangtze river delta and even the hinterland of the Yangtze river, playing a greater driving role.


"Private enterprises are motivated to invest, and as government departments, the key is to introduce policies that can attract private enterprises to voluntarily invest." "In the future, we will further reduce the number of items for examination and approval, expand market access for private enterprises, encourage and support them to enter infrastructure and basic industries, and ensure fair competition," li said.

"But there is one thing I will repeat to you: the safety and quality of this project must be absolutely guaranteed." Li said to li shuirong.


Petrochemical industry, which is highly monopolized by state-owned enterprises, has been flooded by private enterprises and foreign enterprises in recent period.

Just a few months ago, Germany's basf group invested 10 billion euros in China to build a 100% wholly-owned fine chemical integration base, and later, exxonmobil invested 10 billion dollars in China to build a 100% wholly-owned petrochemical project.

"It is the duty of the Chinese government to provide an equal and level playing field for all types of state-owned, private and foreign-funded enterprises," premier li keqiang reiterated at the meeting.

Source: Chinese government website