How to get the pornstar makeup look

Without a doubt, pornstars know how to work under grueling and demanding situations. More so when you refer to the way their makeup, hair and looks holds up. In reality, most people who look at pornography only see what happens in front of the camera. After all, viewers and fans are primarily interested in these women’s sexy and tempting bodies. For instance, Naughty America has tons of beautiful and sexy pornstars on display on their site. You can see them looking visually stunning with perfect makeup throughout their faces and bodies.

Still, behind the scenes, filming an adult movie is no walk in the park. These adult film stars often have to endure hours of shooting, retakes and other things. The hot lights, sweating and rigorous activity all work against their makeup and looks. Yet most of these pornstars manage to stay looking fresh and beautiful. There are those who would argue that these pornstars have the luxury of a professional makeup artist at their disposal. Because of that, their hair, makeup and looks are bound to hold up longer. While that is true in many cases, one can assume that these ladies learn a few tricks from these experts. As a result, they manage to put on makeup that last longer and looks great.

First of all, putting on makeup the way adult film stars do takes a ton of work sometimes. That's because it has to last for 10 to 18 hours a day and into the night.

Start With a Primer

Every woman knows that before you put makeup on, you have to start with a primer. They are essential for prepping your skin. In addition, primers are an excellent way to avoid irritation. And they can help you against breakouts. Some primers are said to be sweat proof, but cost a bit more.

Other Steps

Once you have applied your primer, the next step is putting on a good foundation. After that, it is time to take care of the contouring and highlighting. Blush and illuminators will provide the finishing touches.

Concealing Spots

Very seldom, you will see pornstars with any marks or spots on their bodies. That doesn’t mean they don’t have any; they just know how to use makeup to hide them. This is great for helping you cover up any bruises and blemishes as well.

Final Tips

Some pornstars who work for the site Brazzers and others offer these tips. They advise women to avoid using real lipstick and use lip liner instead. Also, to be sure and have false eyelashes put on correctly. If done right, they can last up to three days or so. Finally, to hold it all in place, use a setting spray to keep your makeup looking great for hours.