You may already have a favorite nail color and design that you have religiously followed throughout the past year, and probably even the years before last. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying out the latest trends in nail painting for this new year. Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. How will you know if you don’t like the new nail colors if you don’t try it, right?

New nail colors

Here are some of the latest trends in nail polish in 2019:

Negative-space ribbons

The negative-space manicure styles are not new in the nail painting industry, but for the year 2019, this style has taken the next level. These negative-space ribbons involve painting the moons or tips as well as playing with the dimensions and placement of nail paints on the thick diagonal strips of every nail.

90’s Glitter

The 90’s nail style is back with a vengeance. Prepare to get awed by the glitters on your nails this year.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are not only for clothes or accessories, but this year, nail prints with cheetah spots, Dalmatian prints, zebra stripes, and other animal prints are in the craze.

Mixed Medium

There is no rule that says you can use only one nail paint and style for all your nails. This year, you can mix varying nail paints and styles in different fingers, for as long as you use the same hue to make it look deliberate, not in any way chaotic.

Cheeky accents

Go for a matte nail painting for your nails, and add life to your fingers by putting on extra accents to your nail, such as stickers or rhinestones. You will never be accused of being boring in this nail trend, and you can even be a trendsetter to your peers who love taking care of their nails.